My Portfolio

Crystal Collectors

This game is much like the psychic game but uses jQuery and has a much nicer user interface. The computer generates multiple random numbers. The object is to add up the numbers generated on the collectors to your given score. Winning or losing will increase your score and reset the generated numbers.

Funk Trivia

This game makes use of timers, and a dynamically generated DOM using jQuery. Almost all html is generated in the javascript file. Audio play and pause methods are also used. Choosing the correct answer bring you to a new layout. Choosing the wrong answer or running out of time will bring up its corresponding layout. At the end of the game, your score and ability to start over is shown.

Tempe Watch

Tempe Watch is an informative website all about Tempe, AZ. The site is owned by Robert Z. Dishman. The site is currently under construction and will most likely not be ready until the end of July.

Giphy Project

This application showcases a use of the giphy API, arguably one of the easiest API's to use.

King Arthur Cuts

Another landing page for a barber using a similiar design to Tempe Watch. Arthur is a barber in the Tempe area looking for a way to bring customers in and educate them on hairstyles before they come to his shop. This site is still under construction.

Ugly Train Scheduler

The Ugly Train Scheduler is relatively useless however it implements moment.js and Firebase.